Whether you are decluttering to live in or sell these tips will make your attempt more successful.


Snap a photo of a room and then use it to look objectively at your space. Try and identify things that look out of place or cluttered. Hopefully you will feel slightly more removed and it will help you be more ruthless about the declutter.


Pick a number and allow yourself to only use this amount of clothes. For example try 12 tops, 12 bottoms, 12 dresses/suits. Pack away everything else and try it for 12 months to see if you can do it. You can pick any number it doesn’t have to be 12, but this exercise will make you choose more carefully because of the limited number.


Pull out every single item in a cupboard or wardrobe and look at it. Make a decision if it should be put back, tossed, donated or relocated.  Wipe out the cupboard and start with another shelf/area. Cleaning the surface will ensure you have addressed every single item. Trust us – you will get rid of a lot more this way.

What an absolute dynamo Daniel turned out to be. He literally came in and saved the day. He was amazing and patient with my Mum and Dad and had a plan ready and raring to go by the end of our 1st meeting. 

I really can’t express my gratitude and the way they operated in making this move as stress-free as possible. I had daily contact with them and photo’s sent a couple of times a day with updates. Daniel and his team cared, delivered what they said they would, didn’t try and add lots of little things that weren’t needed and have managed this move for my Mum and Dad UTTERLY FANTASTICALLY!


Lollie Hewson

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