Hey, it’s Daniel here and recently we have had lots of our friends and clients asking us how to keep on top of their clutter and stay organised.

So I thought instead of just telling them we would make a short video to explain it.

I hope like my friends you will benefit from these tips that can easily be implemented into your life today.

1. Never leave a room empty-handed

Make every step you take around your home count! If you see something that doesn’t belong like dirty dishes, mail, toys etc just pick it up and take it with you. It’s amazing how much tidying you can do with this small change.

2. Practice putting things away immediately

It can be tempting to think I will come back to that later, but then we rarely do, or we have to remind ourselves about how/what we’re doing. It’s much more productive and quicker to pack away straight after you finish an activity.

3. Create a donation station

Find an easy spot in the house where you can put a box and collect unwanted items as you go about your day. Garages and laundries are both great places because they are handy but will still keep the mess out of your home.

When you know there is somewhere to put it you are more likely to pull out that old shirt or platter you never use.

Take it a step further and encourage everyone in the house to collect 3-5 things per week for the box.

4. Something in, something out

We all know this rule because it actually makes sense and works! For every item you buy – shoes, clothes, kitchen appliances, books or toys, make sure you remember to clear out an unwanted one back at home straight away!

It’s an easy trade off when you have just treated yourself to something new!

5. Rule of 75%

When clearing out a cupboard or wardrobe try to get it back to only 75% capacity, so there is 25% available space.

Have you ever tried putting away a jacket into an already overflowing wardrobe – impossible right?!

However when its easy to pack away because there is space you and your family will be encouraged to follow through on putting things away.

6. Mise en place (putting in place)

We all know that chefs are organised people. It’s simple and it makes sense, just make sure everything has a home or a place to go.

You will find tidying up is now easy and quick.

But if you have too much stuff and can’t create a home for everything then you need to declutter so there is room for everything to have a home.

What an absolute dynamo Daniel turned out to be. He literally came in and saved the day. He was amazing and patient with my Mum and Dad and had a plan ready and raring to go by the end of our 1st meeting. 

I really can’t express my gratitude and the way they operated in making this move as stress-free as possible. I had daily contact with them and photo’s sent a couple of times a day with updates. Daniel and his team cared, delivered what they said they would, didn’t try and add lots of little things that weren’t needed and have managed this move for my Mum and Dad UTTERLY FANTASTICALLY!


Lollie Hewson


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