utterDECLUTTER’s mission is to get your property ready to sell without spending a fortune.

We recommend you follow our “traffic light” sticker system. Buy large stickers in a box from Officeworks or similar. A red sticker = STAY and Green sticker = GO. We will advise if the green stickered items can be sold, donated, recycled or taken to the tip.

An orange sticker = item to be stored, a pink sticker = an adult daughter is taking that item, a blue sticker = an adult son is taking that item. We will place blue stickers on items that we think you or us can sell.

Preparing your house for sale, decluttering your house if you are staying, decluttering your house if you have sold, downsizing, clearing out a deceased estate, office declutter, home declutter, packing & unpacking and professional organising.

Daniel is a licenced real estate agent. I act as an independent third-party and I coach you throughout the selling process. Eliminate the stress and feel totally comfortable in asking us as many questions as you like to get the sale price you deserve. The agent pays me a referral fee so it’s a free service. The agent and I are only paid if your property is sold for the price you want. To find out more, Click Here and scroll down to ‘Be a wise consumer – Referral services and Vendor Advocates’

We have a minimum charge of $300 plus gst per person for 4 hours. This is a per person charge. We charge $37.50 plus gst per person for every ½ hour after the first 4 hours.

The amount of time it takes varies and it is determined by some of the following factors.

  1. How willing is the client ready to let go of items that don’t want anymore.
  2. The size of the house. How many rooms need to be decluttered or is it just a garage or storage unit where everything is rubbish.
  3. The access – If the clutter is in attic or the basement with difficult access it will take time. Maybe your house is on Scotland Island, or your house is on a busy road with Clearway restrictions. No job is too big or too small, we have seen it all.

Once you have completed pages 6 to 9 of our “Getting Started Guide” we can give you a cost estimate. The “Getting Stated Guide” can be downloaded from our website

We have trusted contacts for buying and selling furniture. We can help sell utterly ANYTHING. SMS a photo/s of the item/s you want sold to 0466 800 547 and we will let you know how we can help.

We have a list of charities which we can take your items to.

We have reliable contacts that can move, store, or sell utterlyANYTHING. We will provide “no nonsense” recommendations on what to do with your items to get the right sale price.

Tip fees. We have a 10m3 vehicle to take your general rubbish to the tip. We recycle responsibly. On a big job we bring several trailers and trucks so we can dispose of paper, steel, paint, tyres, rubble, bricks, batteries, and general rubbish. Some of these items are tipped for free or at a reduced cost if sorted properly.

A skip company charges $1,400 for a 10m3 skip. We charge $1,100 plus gst for the same size skip. The benefit you have with using our services is that once our vehicle is full we drive to the tip and return within the hour so we can start loading again. This is a fast and efficient service, and you don’t have to worry about an expensive skip bin being in the way.

Our DECLUTTER team typically work Monday to Friday, but we are happy to organize a DECLUTTER on a weekend or a Public Holiday (a surcharge may apply)

Sydney, NSW. We mainly service the upper & lower North Shore & Northern Beaches. We will travel if it’s a big job.

No. We have found the most efficient & cost-effective way is to have the client organise their own boxes. Most storage companies like Kennards and Storage King will allow you to return the boxes which you haven’t used for a full refund. They may also be able to deliver to your home. Its always best to overorder on boxes as they can be returned.

Send us an email via the “Contact Us” page on the website and suggest some available start dates. We will come reply to confirm the start date and we will ask for a credit card number to secure the booking. You can pay the invoice via the credit card number you have provided, or you can pay by direct deposit. Payment is to be made within 24hrs of receipt of the invoice so we can all keep track on the cost. Our invoices are detailed so there is never any confusion. 

Call us on 0466 800 547 for your FREE Getting Started Guide