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utterDECLUTTER’s mission is to get your property ready to sell without spending a fortune. Rather than leaving your side at this point, we can work for you as a Vendor Advocate. In the same way that we introduced the various trades to carry out work at your home, we can introduce the top performing and most credible agent tailored to your property, so you get the price that you want. Don’t get stuck in the traditional way of choosing an agent, consider going with us as your Vendor Advocate to sell your most valuable asset.

Most people buy and sell homes a couple of times in a lifetime. We act as an independent third-party and we coach you throughout the selling process. If your house ends up going to auction, we will give you tips well in advance on how the auction day will likely turn out. We will attend the auction and he will sit with you and guide you so you don’t feel pressured. 

Eliminate the stress and feel totally comfortable in asking us as many questions as you like – every question is a good question. 

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We trusted your advice and you gave us confidence as a vendor. We ended up selling our house for $200,000 more than the final bid at auction thanks to your input. We cannot thank you enough! Rowan Street, Mona Vale

Max & Sharon

It makes total sense when you think about it. The agent is working for you, however, let the agent concentrate on the marketing campaign and the process of finding qualified buyers for your home.

The Vendor Advocate is there to support you and to ensure that the correct photography and copy is used in the marketing material. These important decisions free up the agent’s time to focus on the marketing and forward planning so they are ready to answer questions from prospective buyers.

Like the agent, we, as the Vendor Advocate, have been through the sales process thousands of times.

The Vendor Advocate and the agent work on the best offers and they are submitted to you for consideration.

The agent shares part of their fee with the Vendor Advocate. The fee is only payable when the property is sold for the price you want.

To find out more, Click Here and scroll down to ‘Be a wise consumer – Referral services and Vendor Advocates’

We used Daniel as a vendor advocate to help sell our house in Ashfield. The agent Daniel recommend was text book perfect. We went to auction but we passed the property in as recommended by Daniel and the agent. With some further negotiations our house was sold 30 minutes later. It was a fantastic result

Fredrick Street, Ashfield

Sean & Jen

The new and improved way to sell a home is through a vendor’s advocate

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